Southside Baptist Church

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Dr. Stuart Doyle & The Southside Baptist Team

RE: Environmental Storytelling & Way Finding

On behalf of our entire team here at StoryLabs, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to discuss your ministry needs. We would be honored to work with you and your team as you lead people to Love God, Grow in Faith, and Go with the Gospel.

Thank you,


Josh Lazar
StoryLabs, Chief Creative Officer

Who Are We?

We are a collective of strategic thinkers, story curators, visionaries, and artisans. But our passion doesn’t lie in bringing our ideas to life. It lies in bringing your ideas to life.

You already possess all the clarity that your organization needs to move forward; it’s our job to discover how to find it and synthesize it, and see you move forward.

We Believe Our Clients Are Partners

We see every church we work with as a partner in ministry. Much different than a sub-contractor, StoryLabs is most often hired because of our ministry related work in some of the most dynamic churches in the country. Because of the shared vision and collaborative design strategies we engage in, StoryLabs is honored to be a strategic ministry partner with the church. Our calling is to come along side you and help you achieve your calling.

How We Can Help

Our Strategy:

“What’s written on the walls will happen in the halls.”

How do you install a new culture In your organization? In a culture that’s consistently leaning more and more toward right brain communication, it has never been more important to surround your teams and organization with STORY. 

It is one thing to have new principles that you’d like your team to understand, but it requires more than teaching principles to get your team to live out a new culture. 

StoryLabs has years of experience working with some of the most influential organizations in the nation helping them identify the needs of their culture and then subtly communicate that new direction to their audience. 

We love to use imagery and key phrases to tell Stories. It never fails. Audiences lean in and not only come to understand it, but also become inspired by the overall STORY being told and start to live it. 

I have worked with Don Smith (StoryLabs CEO) on the design of our last two campuses as well as various other ministry contexts. Very quickly, he helped identify the unique vision of The Summit Church and established guardrails throughout the design process to make sure the Summit story was being told subtly in these spaces. I have even used his help in on-boarding new team members and brainstorming new leadership structures.

If you are looking to design a new facility, or even make your current facility look and feel more like you, get Don and StoryLabs involved now. Their work is great and they will save you money along the way by helping you invest the right resources in the right places the first time.

Jason DouglasExecutive Pastor of Weekend Ministries, The Summit Church

They took a concept and turned it into the prime communication tool to connect our 10,000 active employees and 6,000 retirees across North Carolina. From the strategic design of the newsletter to the actual interviewing and concept development work they were creative, innovative and cost effective. The writing was some of the best I’ve ever seen in my 32 year career.

I would recommend their services as marketing professionals, design gurus, interviewers, public relations specialists and project coordinators. Not only are they creative geniuses, but they have a genuine love and concern for people that is evident in their work.

Cynthia MarshallCEO of The Dallas Mavericks, Former President of AT&T - NC

The team at StoryLabs has been involved in multiple Eleven22 building projects as well as conferences and events that our leadership is involved in. The years of ministry experience they have, along with the years of building design, make them an incredible asset to any project. They are extremely helpful in providing clarity of vision and helping make hard budget decisions while not sacrificing the overall story the facility is communicating. I would highly recommend the team at StoryLabs to help you create your next environment. They get it.

Ben WilliamsPastor of Culture & Creative Arts - The Church of Eleven22

If you are looking to build or even fresh up your space, all I can say is don't skip the StoryLab. There are things that live inside of you that you may not see. This team has the ability to draw those things out and use your facility to showcase that vision. Work with StoryLabs so you don't miss the clear story God has birthed in your church.

Daniel LucasLead Pastor, Better Life Church

we create environments.

Did you know your physical environments have the ability to communicate? What if your walls could communicate a more clear understanding of the mission and values of your organization? Imagine your environments crafting a beautifully clear portrait of your brand’s message.

we bring your story to life.

Our expertise lies in discovering your ideas and bringing them to life in a way you never imaged possible. We look forward to working with you to design an experience engaging your audience in a multi-sensory environment that tells your story.

Our creative team is comprised of highly skilled story strategists, who are devoted to creating innovative ways to tell your organization’s story in each and every environment possible. We believe very strongly, this is never about being hip or cool, but rather, about crafting an authentic experience with you, not for you.

  • Strategy
  • StoryLab (Values & Story Exploration)
  • Design
  • Brand Development
  • Audience Experience & Evaluation
  • Thorough Assessment and Narrative
  • Environmental Storytelling Production & Installations
  • Way Finding Design Production & Installations

StoryLabs is able to provide full installation of Brand Experience and Environmental Storytelling that is unique to each client. We will take your leadership through an extensive development and render process to provide an accurate representation of the organization’s values. Our team is very skilled in providing a high-end look that is affordable and applicable to each client.

we create moments.

Life is happening all around us and at a faster pace than ever before. We are inundated with information literally every second of the day. So how do you find the meaning in it all? We have to find significance in the moments, the standout moments. Whether you are attending a church service, a conference or a special event, the odds that you will remember every word spoken to you is small. However, if there is a metaphoric moment that can emphasize the message being communicated, you can have life-changing impact and create a lasting memory.


we bring your story to life.

We are expert moment creators. With more than 20 years of creative programming experience, StoryLabs is regularly brought in to add those elements making your event significant and ultimately memorable. We find ways to take your intended message and blend it with visual metaphors to help the audience experience your story.

You have a clear and unique message to communicate. StoryLabs will work with your team to help create a series of experiences or moments for your event. We will come alongside your team to make sure your audience does more than simply hear your words. The moments created will help them experience your story in a lasting and meaningful way.

we create awareness.

Branding is simply how people experience “You”. How do your clients / customers / people experience you? Or better yet, how do you want them to experience you? Is there a gap between expectations and reality? Businesses and organizations often sacrifice Clarity on the alter of Creativity. In an effort to woo customers with gimmick and wow, we have forgotten how to clearly articulate the “Why”.


we bring your story to life.

Together, we will garner precise information from your vision and messaging in order to craft a comprehensive plan for an authentic application of your brand. You have a unique approach, and we look forward to bringing greater clarity and strategy to your efforts through Brand Identity Development, Brand Storytelling, Social Media, and print & digital media.

StoryLabs First Consult Details

Consultation Services:
• One Full Work Day, Story Discovery & Clarity Assessment
(Two StoryLab Team Members, On-Site with Key Members of Your Team)
• Clarity-of-Purpose Assessment
• Clarity-of-Vision Communication Strategy Assessment
• Overview of Assistance of Communicating Your Story through Facilities and/or written materials
• StoryLabs Follow Up Report

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