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Prepared for:
Pastor Kyle Thompson & The SouthPark Church Team

RE: Design Proposal

On behalf of our entire team here at WAVE, we would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with you. WAVE is a full-service ministry resource firm specializing in AVL/A Integration, Brand Experience, Ministry Consulting, and Technical Team Development.

We would be honored to work with you and your team through Brand Experience and Environmental Storytelling as you seek to be a hub in the community where sacred and secular intersect.

Thank you,


Josh Lazar

When Experience Matters.

Experience Matters

The vision of WAVE is to design and deliver projects that enhance the unique story each church is trying to tell. WAVE operates under the understanding that God is calling each church to use their unique personality to reach the world.  The church is called to connect with the unconnected. WAVE’s calling is to maximize that connection.

We would love for you to hear from one of our existing DIVE partners:

VIDEO - Creating an Authentic Environment

We Believe Our Clients Are Partners

We see every church we work with as a partner in ministry. Much different than a sub-contractor, WAVE is most often hired because of our ministry related work in some of the most dynamic churches in the country. Because of the shared vision and collaborative design strategies we engage in, WAVE is honored to be a strategic ministry partner with the church. Our calling is to come along side you and help you achieve your calling.

How We Can Help

Our Strategy

Every project needs proper planning to be fully executed. We leverage our expertise and help guide our clients through a design process to accurately target needs, goals and objectives. It is never about being modern or hip, it is always about delivering an authentic experience, which is unique to each client, that utilizes current application.

Brand Experience & Environmental Storytelling

Our creative department is comprised of highly skilled story strategists, who are devoted to creating innovative ways to tell your church’s story in each and every environment used for ministry.

We are able to help you think through your Guest Experience from the moment someone opens their car door, to the moment they close their car door; not just “the main event”. We believe very strongly, this is never about being hip or cool, but rather, about crafting an authentic experience with you, not for you.

  • Strategy
  • DIVE Session (Values & Story Exploration)
  • Design
  • Brand Development
  • Guest Experience Touch Points & Evaluation
  • Thorough Assessment and Narrative
  • 3D Renders of New Spaces

WAVE is able to provide full installation of Brand Experience and Environmental Storytelling that is unique to each client. In order to provide an accurate quote for installation, we will need to go through the entire development and render process to provide an accurate pricing set. We have become very skilled in providing a high-end look that is affordable and applicable to each client.

A typical DIVE Installation will cost between $20,000-$50,000 depending on scope, but we are capable of working within your desired budgets to create the appropriate price point that communicates your story in a clear and authentic manner. We also provide all layered graphics in our final DIVE package which allows the client to price installation locally if desired.

Have Additional Questions?

1. In what year was the company incorporated?

WAVE was incorporated in 2005. However, our ownership has been in the industry for over 30 years and have owned previous AVLA companies.

2. How many current full time employees do you have?

WAVE Currently employs 34 Full time employees.

3. What work, if any, do you sub-contract out?

Occasionally we employ contracted skilled labor to install environmental storytelling. However, they are our regularly contracted teams, as we do not employ random, local contractors.

4. Over the past three years, what portion of your work, both in the form of a 
percentage of total work in place, has your company performed that is church or 
faith based?

100% of WAVE / Design 2020 projects are faith based.

These projects are spread across the US in these areas

        • 50% Southeast
        • 20% Northeast
        • 20% Midwest
        • 10% West

Our corporate division Ocean works with our non-faith-based clients such as:

        • Dolly Parton Performing Arts Centers
        • Hard Rock Entertainment
        • Hard Rock Live Theater at Universal
        • NW School of the Arts
        • Duck Dynasty Museum
        • Cape Fear Academy Performing Arts Center
        • Cannon School Performing Arts Center
        • UNCC Halton Arena Technology Systems
        • and others.

5. List the similar projects completed by your firm in the past five years with 
completion dates, scope of project and contact name with telephone numbers at 
each completed project.

Better Life Church

  • Trevor Stone, Creative Arts Pastor
  • 606-356-6094
  • tstone@betterlife.church
  • Delivered October 2016, DIVE Development

Corinth Christian Church

  • Adam Turner, Lead Pastor
  • 770-466-4373
  • adam@corinthchristian.org
  • Delivered December 2016, DIVE Development + Production of Selected Artwork

First Christian Church, Canton

  • Ryan Rasmussen, Lead Pastor
  • (330) 456-2600
  • rrasmussen@fcccanton.com
  • Delivered November 2015, DIVE Development

Life Church

  • Andrew Blaylock, Worship Pastor
  • 662-315-7275
  • andrew.blaylock@life.cc
  • Delivered February 2018, DIVE Development

Metro Life Church

  • Jonathan Roman, Technical Director
  • 786-256-1275
  • jroman@metrolifechurch.com
  • Delivered November 2015, DIVE Development

Northeast Christian Church

  • CJ Stephens, Small Groups Pastor
  • 502-212-5205
  • CJ.Stephens@necchurch.org
  • Delivered November 2017, DIVE Development

6. Please explain why your company would be the best environmental graphics 
design partner for this project. 

WAVE prides itself on finding ways to creatively and cost effectively tell the individual story that God is breathing into you. Metaphorically speaking, we are as interested in the picture you are painting, as we are with the amount of colors and brushes you have in your paint palette. This has not been the experience customers have had with many of our competitors.

In order to achieve this goal, WAVE not only employs degreed engineers and designers for their projects, but also employs a team of Creatives with years of experience leading ministries at some of the fastest growing churches in the country. This helps our team get a complete contextual picture of what God is doing in your church and how to strategically communicate that with our design. Simply put, we get more excited about the ministry capabilities of the finished product than we do the quality of the “show” on Sunday.

Clients that have moved to WAVE from other companies have come to us with experiences that seem to speak to the contrary of what we value. Below is a link to a testimonial of a church who moved from an aforementioned competitor to WAVE. This story does a great job in 3 minutes explaining why they moved from their previous firm and to WAVE.

Take a look:

7. Please send company related information/material including information that will 
allow us to assess your firms financial stability

Gross receipts for last three years:

        • 2014 $15 million
        • 2015 $15 million
        • 2016 $19 million
        • For more financial information please contact:
          • Chris DeZeeuw
          • chris@wave.us
          • 877-932-4567

8. What training certifications are held by full time employees?

Ph.D. Acoustics
MS Acoustics
BS Electrical Engineering
BS Computer Science
Ministry & Religion
Master of Arts in Religion & Ministry

INDUSTRY References

Sandy Gibbs, Partner: Equip Studio

  • www.equipstudio.com
  • Sandygibbes@equipstudio.com
  • 864-915-8248

Nathan Art, Principal: Ministry Solutions

  • ministry-solutions.com
  • nathanartt@ministry-solutions.com
  • 404-824-9013

Tim Cool, Chief Solutions Officer: Cool Solutions Group

  • www.coolsolutionsgroup.com
  • tim@coolsolutionsgroup.com
  • 704.507.8672

Randy Seitz, President: Blue Ridge Architects

  • www.blueridgearchitects.com
  • RSeitz@blueridgearchitects.com
  • 540.908.7117

Ned Ruykhaver, Architect: Church of the Highlands

  • 205.731.7316

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