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Our Strategic Planning Capabilities Include:

Master Planning

A master plan is essentially a conceptual layout designed to guide future growth. It’s holistic and considers how your building connects to the surrounding community.

Feasibility studies

A feasibility study will help you determine if a building project is worth your investment. We’ll also take a look at your legal right to build what you envision, per building code.

Financial alignment

Through financial alignment sessions, we’ll help you determine how to sustainably finance your ideal facility in a way that honors your organization’s long-term trajectory.

Fundraising consulting

Need to raise money to fund your building? We’ll connect you to fundraising experts in our network of strategic partners — people we trust and admire, wholeheartedly.

Life-cycle cost analysis

We use life-cycle cost analysis methods to determine the entire cost of your structure over its expected useful life. This is a great tool for long-term planning.