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Randy Seitz - BLUELINE team

Randy Seitz


Randy is the founder and CEO of BLUELINE. Prior to the firm’s formation in 2004, Randy worked in Northern Virginia and Indiana, including time at the award-winning firm, CORE, in Washington, D.C. “My goal as an architect is to help clients create buildings that further their ambitions and dreams. I believe a building can and should reflect the tastes and values of its owners and occupants,” a philosophy that permeates the entire firm. Randy graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. He enjoys traveling with his wife and never likes to “come back the way I went.” His dog, Howie, sometimes tags along to the office.
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Anna Campbell

Architect | Vice President

Anna is Vice President of BLUELINE. She is well-known as The Code Queen for her thorough knowledge and understanding of building code. Anna completed a five-year program in architecture and town planning and earned a Master Engineer Degree in Architecture from the Technical University of Szczecin. After playing the cello for 12 years, she chose to not continue music and a friend suggested a career as a doctor or an architect. We think she chose correctly. She is an avid bookworm, loves to travel, and occasionally exchanges her stilettos for fuzzy pink slippers around the office.
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Jack Duran - BLUELINE team

Jack Duran

Vice President | Client Service Leader

Jack Duran has over 30 years of experience guiding the efforts of multi-disciplinary design teams on projects large and small, Jack oversees all aspects of project operations for the firm. He directs the project team’s delivery of services, from beginning to end, focusing staff and consultants alike on results for the client. Jack is an architecture graduate of Texas A&M & Ohio State University. Jack has developed a breadth of expertise in projects of all sizes for private and public institutional clientele, particularly in Texas, Florida, and Ohio. In his spare time, he enjoys woodworking and being on a boat, anywhere, most likely fishing! Did you know his favorite movie is To Kill a Mockingbird?
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Welby Lehman


Welby joined BLUELINE in 2008 after graduating from Virginia Tech with a Master of Architecture. He believes that architecture is for the service of the occupants. “Creating a building that people want to be in, look at and treasure for a long time is the goal.” Always building things as a child—tree houses, snow igloos, forts in the woods—architecture is a natural fit. His involvement with Habitat for Humanity showed him the social impact that designers can have. His style is neither stark nor excessive, preferring complexity with order. He claims he doesn’t have time for hobbies, but will always make time for a Hokie football game.
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Mike Wittig


With 15 years of experience in architectural design, Mike uses his knowledge and drive for helping others achieve their goals to create significant works. Through his strong work ethic, his projects, and his values, Mike Wittig has created a unique place for himself at Blue Ridge Architects. A plethora of project opportunities ranging from restaurants and banks to medical offices and places of worship have not only shaped and formed his skill, but have contributed to his growing talent here in the Shenandoah Valley and throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Mike takes pride in BLUELINE'S office culture and is a solid team player who backs the firm's strategy and lean toward modern design. Free time away from the office usually entails hiking, camping and off-roading as well as playing ``grill sergeant`` in the backyard.
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Heather Hopkins

Interior Designer, ASID, NCIDQ, LEED AP

Heather has over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential interior design throughout the East Coast. She has had the good fortune of working on projects have ranging from large to small, commercial to residential, and low to high end. Her favorite projects are always the one’s where all parties involved are heavily invested in the successful outcome of a functional and harmonious space. Heather believes that regardless of the use of the space, the interior should be not only efficient and functional, but inspiring. Even outside office hours, Heather’s interests don’t stray far. She can often be found treasure hunting in local shops, sewing something (badly) for her home or nagging her husband to slow down on trash collection day.
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Jose Thompson

Design Associate

Jose earned his Bachelor of Architecture from University of Louisiana-Lafayette and worked for both an architectural firm and a contractor in Little Rock, Ark. before landing in the Shenandoah Valley. Jose believes that architecture should be influenced by the vernacular, incorporating local styles, building materials, and architectural vocabulary and reflect the historical, cultural, and environmental context in which it exists. Born and raised in Honduras, he is fluent in both Spanish and English and has a unique list of hobbies: shooting pistol for the Honduran Olympic Team, artisanal baker, talented barista and latte artist, and avid runner and cyclist.
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Kevin Bowman

Design Associate

Kevin is a focused and diligent designer whose interest in architecture stems from a curiosity about how everything operates and functions. “Insert ‘I wanted to build stuff since I was a kid’ cliché here.” Did we mention his dry sense of humor? He believes designs and structures should provide a service at both the human and urban scale. He’s worked on everything from (mundane) to an exciting 450 linear foot cast-in-place concrete retaining wall, associated site work and renovation of a circa 1906 schoolhouse. But his dream project is designing a factory and test facility for Ferrari. Because his hobby is motor racing, we imagine he’d like driving one, too.
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Melanie Eby

Manager of Administration & HR

As someone who loves the challenge of keeping “the trains running smoothly and on time,” Melanie certainly has her work cut out for her in our busy office. She is a calm, confident and incredibly capable manager. She has spent most of her career working with banks in a variety of positions and enjoys the different tasks that come across her desk at BLUELINE. “I love the energy in the office and the people I get to work with.” Melanie likes spending time with friends and family, but can often be found with a good book by a roaring fire.
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Tessa Bennetch

Administrative Assistant

Tessa began her career as an administrative support assistant in 2008 with HDR Engineering in Austin, Texas. Throughout her professional career she has consistently demonstrated commitment and passion to her work, clients, friends and family. Tessa brings a unique spirit and energy to those she welcomes into BLUELINE. In addition to providing administrative support for the office, you can find her writing lyrics, playing music, painting, or spending a beautiful day at a JMU football game with her family.
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Kristin LaPorta

Interior Designer, ASID, NCIDQ, LEED AP

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in interior design at James Madison, Kristin has been fortunate enough to call Harrisonburg home for a number of years. She started at Blueline in 2017; coming from a background in both residential and commercial interior design here in the Valley as well as the Washington DC area. Her experience has taught her that the most successful and rewarding projects are those that allow the occupants to feel connected to their space through a sense of comfort, safety, and inspiration. When she’s not working with clients, she looks for her own inspiration through travel. She can be going for a run around the neighborhood or flying across the world as she is always looking for new design ideas.
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Ivan Huber

Design Associate

Ivan has more than a decade of experience designing buildings and products. Prior to a career in architecture, he practiced Industrial Design as a consultant with global brands, and as a senior designer with General Electric Appliances. Ivan received a Master of Architecture from Clemson University in 2016. As a proud Virginian, he is happy to be living and working in his home state. When not designing buildings, Ivan enjoys strumming his 6-string, vintage motorcycling, and reveling in the great outdoors.
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Christine Kiracofe

Director of Business Development

Christine Kiracofe is known to excel and shine in areas of creativity and execution in Business Development & Marketing. She energizes the team by offering new marketing concepts and fresh approaches to business processes. She loves people and creating long lasting business partnerships. Before making her way to Virginia, she worked for Olympic Regional Development Authority in Lake Placid, NY, Russell Stover Candies in RI, Kraft Brands in MA & CO & SYSCO in VA, specializing in Sales and Marketing. She still dreams of one day living on the Amalfi Coast, Italy and owning an Italian ice truck.
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Kirsten Weston

Design Associate

Kirsten joined BLUELINE in 2019 after graduating from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design. She had previously interned for an architectural firm and general contractor, developing a unique skill set and hands-on experience before joining the BLUELINE team. Kirsten is passionate about developing a strong and innovative concept at the start of each project and seeing that concept through the brainstorming stages to development. Raised in the Shenandoah Valley, she could not imagine herself landing anywhere else after graduation and loves to spend time here, outdoors with her family and dogs. She is a newlywed! Got any great advice for her?
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Clayton Matcek - BLUELINE team

R. Clayton Matcek

Project Leader

Clayton’s responsibilities include project management and coordination of the firm’s information systems, especially related to architectural production. Clayton also is a key coordinator of the methods and systems used during the construction phase services performed by the firm and provides oversight of the work of in-house design and technical staff. Claytons family owns property where he loves fishing and hunting. If he is not hunting or fishing, he likes to work on vehicles. What do you think his favorite vehicle is?
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Amber Ritter - BLUELINE team

Amber Ritter

Senior Project Leader

Amber is responsible for project management and coordination with governing authorities, the consultant and engineering teams, contractors and vendors. She also provides oversight of the work of in-house design and technical staff, including design documentation. She has been with the firm since 2007 and has shared in the honors of award winning commercial, educational and institutional projects. Her and her husband really like to go to comedy shows, Astros baseball games and concerts. Be sure to ask her about her favorite music genre.
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Lyssa Perry - BLUELINE

Lyssa Perry

Administrative & Marketing Assistant

Lyssa performs a wide range of administrative support functions for Blueline which enables office operations to run smoothly and efficiently. Among other things, she supports the staff with project documentation, invoicing, marketing materials and database management. Lyssa and her husband are high school football fans and have seasons tickets, even though their kids are grown. If you don’t find her there, try looking for her at a beach in Destin or Panama City in Florida most likely with her cute grandkids.
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Bricia Hermosillo - BLUELINE team

Bricia Hermosillo

Design Associate

Bricia was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and earned a Bachelors & Masters Degree in Architecture from the University of New Mexico. She began working with the team in 2015. Bricia is responsible for assisting the entire team in coordinating projects during schematic design and construction documents with consultants to fulfill client's needs. Bet you won’t be surprised that her favorite food is Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas. Being a mom of two and not much spare time, she does love to read or wind down and watch a “non-cartoon” show. Can you relate?
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Larry Litwiller

Director of Finance and Administration

Larry comes to us as a leader in Accounting and Finance, with experience in the Public Accounting, Insurance, and Nonprofit sectors. He loves Blueline’s forward-looking plan for growth, along with its commitment to serving “good people doing great things.” He most recently served as Director of Business Services, IT & Facilities at a private school in Sarasota, FL. His previous work led him to field audit visits to more than 25 countries, and he’d love to visit 25 more. Larry grew up near Lake Huron in Eastern Michigan and is still happiest when he’s somewhere close to the water. Good novels, good coffee, and conversations around “the meaning of life” are some favorite past times.
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Ken Earman

Design Associate

Meet the detailed and focused Ken Earman. Ken joined the Blueline team with numerous years of Revit, AutoCAD and drafting experience. He is originally from Harrisonburg, VA but had the opportunity to live and work in CALI & NOVA since then. We are happy to have him back in the BURG! Ken has specialized in HVAC, plumbing, architectural and construction, which makes him a much-needed addition to our awesome team! If you want to hang out with Ken, invite him over for Italian food. That’s only if you can catch him because he loves to travel around the US by car.
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