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“The Benefits of Soft Surface with the Performance of Hard-Surface”

When deciding what type of flooring to install in a space, the first step is to answer the question, “What activities will the flooring need to support”. A soft surface, like carpet, can provide slip resistance, noise control, and enhanced temperature control. A hard surface, like LVT, luxury vinyl tile, can provide superior cleanability and crush resistance. However, there are plenty of spaces, such as dining facilities or multipurpose rooms, that require all the above. J+J Invisions has created a product to do just that; provide the benefits of a soft surface with the performance of a hard surface. Kinetex flooring provides a durable, low maintenance floor with health, safety, and acoustic benefits, all while providing comfort to its occupants.                       


When put to the test, Kinetex delivers enduring performance. Its dimensional stability and crush resistance allow this product to withstand heavy use without compromising product quality. Heavy furniture will not crush the fibers and consistent foot traffic will not wear down the color or thickness.


There’s no special training required to maintain a Kinetex floor. The maintenance is similar to carpet, in that it only requires vacuuming with the periodic encapsulation cleaning. Due to the lightweight construction, Kinetex dries 75% faster than carpet and retains less water. It’s limited ability to retain water allows for quick clean up and resistance to most staining agents like coffee, ketchup, and food grease.


Airborne particulates enter our spaces every day. These particulates are what trigger allergies and cause infections. When the particulates hit a hard surface they are easily redistributed through foot traffic and circulate into our “breathing zone”. When these particulates hit a Kinetex surface they are trapped until they can be removed by cleaning.


Risks of slips, trips and falls can pose an immediate threat to people of all ages, and most are avoidable with consideration to flooring selection based on the specific needs and requirements of the building. Several tests are completed to determine a material’s coefficient of friction. The higher the coefficient of friction the lower the risk of slips. Kinetex is certified as high-traction by the national floor safety institute and considered the most slip resistant surfaces tested.


When sound waves hit a hard surface, they are easily bounced back into the air creating a noisy environment. When sound waves hit a soft surface, the surface absorbs some of these waves creating a quieter environment. Due to the knitted fabric of the Kinetex flooring, Kinetex can absorb some of these sound waves offering an improved occupant perception and focus.


Kinetex’s high-density backing and soft textile surface provides antifatigue properties along with minimal rolling resistance. It embodies the potential to absorb energy and reduce both repetitive foot stress injuries and injuries related to walking and moving frequently from place to place. With its thermal insulation properties, Kinetex also provides a warmer indoor environment.   

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Kristin LaPorta, NCIDQ, ASID
Interior Designer

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