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Ch-Ch-Ch-CHANGE. Something to embrace, or run and hide from? Change is an inevitable part of life that motivates and challenges some but causes anxiety for others. No matter how we feel about change it is part of our personal life and our professional world and WILL BE encountered. Adapting to change is key for us as individuals and critical for businesses, allowing us to remain relevant and competitive.

As an employee, take the time to understand how to deal with change that is on the horizon. Being open to change can enhance your ability to communicate, help you work as a valuable team member while adapting to the changes, and strengthen your professional bond with coworkers. This demonstration of adaptability also shows your superiors that you can be relied upon.

During a season of change, it will be crucial to maintain communication with your direct supervisor who can help you navigate new tasks or processes. Take time to ask the questions that need to be asked. Even simple questions can give you a better understanding of how to complete any new tasks or processes and better understand why the changes are necessary. If new technology or skills are required, take initiative to look for ways to become more comfortable with them, even if outside of your work hours. This positive outlook on workplace changes will influence your ability to accept and adapt to them making it easier to accommodate change as it is happening. The goal is to be able to continue performing at an optimal level.

If the challenge of change is taking its toll on you, schedule a personal day to recharge and gain the energy needed to implement those changes effectively. This habit can limit the potential for burnout and help you come back to the work environment with a renewed sense of productivity. Dealing with change can be a challenge, but remember, all change becomes routine with time.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” ~ Albert Einstein

Melanie Eby
Manager of Administration & Human Resources

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