Step 1


We are excited to make your ideal facility a reality. But to do this, we first need to get to know you — looking from the inside-out to discover a solution that fits your needs, timeline and budget, and gives you room to grow.

Your perfect facility might look like a shiny new build, or it might look like a budget-friendly renovation that maximizes your existing space. Either way, we’ll uncover the answer in this stage.

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Step 2


This is the fun part! In this stage, we’ll collaborate with you to nail down space requirements, get your wishlist on paper and start dreaming up what your perfect facility might look like.

From there, we’ll take your ideas to the drawing board — leaning on our creative expertise to design a memorable space that feels both inevitable and surprising, and will endure for years to come.

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Step 3


In this phase, you get to watch your vision come to life, as the facility we designed together starts to take shape. Hiring a builder, selecting furnishings, laying the foundation for your future building — this is where things get real.

Fortunately, all that nitty-gritty detail is on us, as your project managers. You can rest easy knowing that we’ll make informed decisions on your behalf and turn your attention toward what matters more: what you’ll accomplish in the space when it’s finished.

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More on Blueline’s Process and Expertise

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What it’s Like to Work with Us

“St. Edward Church has worked with BLUELINE on 3 projects in the last 20 years. BLUELINE was able to listen carefully to our Pastor and make his vision a reality. They are always within specified schedules and budgets, working closely with different contractors every step of the way. I was impressed with the knowledge, detail and concerns that BLUELINE. They held the contractor accountable and worked closely with the Church even after the building was complete to solve any problems that arose. I highly recommend anyone choosing an architect to select BLUELINE.”

Our Process

Kathy Psencik

Business Manager
St. Edward Catholic Community

“Working with BLUELINE, we really felt like they were on our team. Their integrity is of the highest standards and they were always communicating with us. I’m grateful we now have a building that has the capacity we need to reach the people around us.”

Our Process

Jeremy Pickwell

Executive Director of Operations,
Lifepoint Church

“We have worked with Blueline for Interior Design for the last 4 years. They understand our mission and values and incorporate them into the designs while at the same time acknowledging the need to be good stewards of our resources. As much as anything, we appreciate their patience and willingness to listen. They come with creative ideas but are willing to tweak their design based on input from residents and staff. They have helped us create attractive, functional spaces that build community. It is a great team effort!”

Our Process

Judith Trumbo

President/ CEO

“Church projects can be so complex — but I know we got one thing right in choosing to work with BLUELINE. They delivered a beautifully completed project that will serve our community for a long time.”

Our Process

Aaron Yoder

Committee Member
Harrisonburg Mennonite Church

“I have recommended and actually hired Blueline to be the design partner on many of our projects, and by far, those projects are the ones that produce the best end result and lasting relationships. Not because they are perfect, but because they do what is right, respond quickly, are proactive in resolving issues and stick with the client and project until things are resolved. Customer service is more than a catch-phrase for the folks at Blueline.”

Our Process

Tim Cool

Chief Solutions Officer