What We Value


We give of our time, talent and resources — freely and wholeheartedly. We hold nothing back.


We hold our clients and collaborators in high esteem and are excited to work toward a common goal with those we admire.


We always seek to do the right thing, even when it’s uncomfortable. When a mistake is made, we own it.


We humbly recognize that we always have more to learn, and open ourselves up to feedback because we know it will help us better serve our clients.

What We Believe

We believe in doing work that matters.

We see architecture as a way to break new ground — both literally and metaphorically. It’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to supporting the work of organizations that are doing good in their communities. We know their efforts will endure.

We believe that design is ultimately about people.

To us, architecture is about so much more than creating beautiful spaces in which to meet together or conduct business. It’s ultimately about people — inextricably linked to quality of life. It is our hope that all who enter the buildings we create leave feeling inspired, encouraged and more whole. If we can accomplish that, we’ve done our job.

We believe it’s possible to have it all.

We operate off the assumption that even organizations operating on a shoestring budget can enjoy beautiful new facilities, delivered on time and without overages. Great design and the bottom line aren’t mutually exclusive. We’ve proven it time and time again.

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