Our mission is to deliver innovative buildings of lasting value that exceed client expectations.

Our goal in every project is to look for solutions that can have a positive impact beyond ribbon cutting. After all, in the words of our founder, “It’s not really about the building — it’s about what happens inside it, after our job is done.”

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Our Story

Our story begins in 2004, when Randy Seitz moved back to his hometown of Harrisonburg, Virginia to try his hand at running an architecture firm with his friend and partner, Ron Davenport. With seven years of experience heading a church design studio under his belt, Randy knew he had the know-how to make his community proud — and give back to them in the process. Blue Ridge Design Studio was born.

Built on a solid foundation of integrity, humility and generosity, Blue Ridge quickly gained respect in the region as a trustworthy building partner, designing treasured gathering places for the Harrisonburg community and adding prominent local universities to its roster. Then, in 2008, an economic recession hit.

Committed to weathering the storm, the Blue Ridge team regrouped, setting their sights on what they hoped would be a season of growth. Taking steps to increase capacity and bring new expertise to the table, the firm welcomed partner Anna Campbell to the team and relaunched under the name Blue Ridge Architects in 2010.

Their momentum only grew. In 2015, Randy obtained his “Class A” contractor license and launched Blueline Building Solutions — a move that enabled Blue Ridge Architects to add construction project management to its offerings.

In 2019, eager to take the final step to becoming a national company, Blue Ridge Architects acquired Houston-based architecture firm Turner Duran and rebranded under the simple name: BLUELINE. The decision to drop the term “architects” from the name was significant. The truth was, BLUELINE had outgrown it.

Today, BLUELINE continues to serve good people doing great things. While the outside may look a little different, inside nothing’s changed. After all, integrity, humility and generosity never go out of style.