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“We have learned over the years that the church isn’t the building, but that God can use the building to build peoples lives and they become incredible tools. We don’t want the building to be something that impedes our church or stands in the way of our growth, but helps us to grow. And it really has. This process with BLUELINE has been a blessing. ”

Barry WhiteSenior Pastor, Park Valley Church

“Our experience working with Blue Ridge Architects was nothing short of astounding. From planning to the bidding process all the way through construction, their team helped us in so many ways. Truly the best money we spent on the entire project!”

Joel LoweryLead Pastor, Crossroads Church

“Church projects are complex in a lot of ways. One of the things I know we got right was establishing a team approach with BLUELINE very early in the process, so that we were all working toward the same goal to plan and execute the project together. BLUELINE delivered a beautifully completed project that will serve our church and community for a long time.”

Aaron YoderBuilding Committee Chair Person, Harrisonburg Mennonite Church

“The building gave us the capacity we needed to reach the people around us. The unique thing about BLUELINE is that we really felt like they were on our team. Their integrity is of the highest standards, they were always communicating with us. The building serves the purpose and mission of our church without getting in the way. ”

Jeremy PickwellExecutive Director of Operations, Lifepoint Church

“As soon as we had a permanent footprint on this campus, this place of refuge just started to pop. We didn’t feel like we were just a number to BLUELINE, and we didn’t feel like our project was just another cookie cutter project. ”

Darryl MoselySenior Pastor, Stafford Crossing Community Church





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